Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creative Writing

This summer it's been hard to find the time to write with the kids home, vacations and all the summer activities. So, for critique group only one person had new material to share. As a fun way to get our creativity flowing, I printed a variety of artwork to use as inspiration. Each person chose a picture and had ten minutes to write a scene about what was happening in the picture. I think we all came up with some awesome starts. I couldn't get Heidi or Jenny to send me theirs to put on here, but here's the results of mine and Tawnni's:

The feel of the grass tickling her nose made her want to sneeze and laugh, but she knew if she made any unnecessary noise, Madame would give her that look. She had already been silenced by her piercing gaze twice. Once for tripping on an unseen stone in the grass and again when she had dared to ask where they were going. Madame always walked with a steady, rigid grace and this time was no exception, even with the deep furrows and the tall grass grabbing at their skirts. - Mary

He sat there, just sat. And smiled, but no one knew why. Leaning against the sun warmed stone of the old inn, Lionus watched the townsfolk pass, chatting and laughing. He smiled at the local farmers, sometimes waving to old friends, and tipped his cap to the ladies. No one knew why he smiled as he sat there, sometimes Lionus didn't even know why he smiled either. He never really seemed to notice he was smiling; all he knew was that he was thinking of Julia. - Tawnni

These two pictures are what Heidi and Jenny chose. If anyone wants to come up with their own scene to fit these pictures please do so in the comments. It's a fun creative writing experiment and you just might be surprised by what you were able to create.

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Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

They are both great but I really like the first one.