Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration in Every Aspect

Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes. There's nothing worse that sitting down to write and having a total brain fart. Well guess what? There's a little secret about ideas. There are no ideas, only combining old ones to make something new. So where do ideas come from? The answer: Everywhere.

My creative writing teacher said that when we wrote he wanted us to be pirates. He wanted us to plunder and steal ideas from everywhere. Ideas come from everywhere; from what we see, what we do, what we say. You may not notice this, but there are hundreds of ideas just outside your window ripe for harvest. Here are a couple ways to reap the bounty.

1. Be observant. Notice things.

2. Ask questions. Wonder about everything.

3. Ask "what if."

4. Read.

5. Write ideas down for later use.

6. Look at things in a different way.

Follow these simple steps and you can become an idea farmer in no time at all. Go on, have fun, go write. Create something awesome. Write on!

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