Monday, April 18, 2011

And That Light at the End of the Tunnel Gets Bigger

I think I just may have found someone to print my book. While on band tour in San Francisco (though I tell people I joined a gypsy caravan) I found out that the tour director owns a printing company. He said he could print some copies when I had it ready. From there it could be sent to publishers or he could print thousands of copies. I just need to here back from a couple beta readers and I'll make some final adjustments. And an update on the quest, I did finish Les Miserables in under a week. Five and a half days to be exact.

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Mary Campbell said...

Be very careful about who you let print your book. You can print your book on without any strange entanglements and people can also purchase copies from Lulu as well check it out. Also - publishers don't want a copy of your novel in book form. It will look like you self-published and generally publishers aren't interested in things that have already been published. Just some suggestions.