Friday, May 29, 2009

Extraordinary from the Ordinary

I blogged back in April about Susan Boyle and her amazing singing voice - ordinary woman, extraordinary talent. I watched her semi-final performance on You Tube this morning and she once again did a fantastic job and her dress was beautiful. Anyway I noticed the comments that were written underneath, and one person commented that they thought it was unfair that ordinary people sometimes do extraordinary things. I wonder if she really meant that. To me that is the ultimate in fair. Those who may not be beautiful, or are what some might consider ordinary - should get blessed in other ways. That is what fair is, in my opinion anyway. Unfortunately many of "ordinary" people's "extraordinary" talents usually get overlooked because they are not showy enough. Like being a good friend for example. When Sue Son auditioned for the Britain's Got Talent show she auditioned with her friend. Sue played the electric violin and her friend was on keyboard. The judges did not like the two girls together at all, but recognizing Sue's incredible talent they let her audition again. Sue was forced to make a very difficult decision. She had to decide if she should leave her friend behind and find out how far she might be able to go with her talent. Sue chose to audition without her friend and she faced a lot of public back lash for her choice. I think that the girls friendship has suffered. She ended up not winning in the semi-finals and I wonder if it had to do with people not liking that she left her friend behind.
Which of the girl's is not the true friend though? In my opinion the girl who was not chosen should have been happy for her friend that was. She should have been yelling her support to her friend. Sue truly did have the greater music talent. Was it worth sacrificing her friendship to pursue it? Was it worth her friend sacrificing their friendship by not supporting her? If a friend got a book deal and we didn't or vice versa - do we not support each other?
I watched the other acts for the semi-finals and Susan Boyle was one of them chosen for the finals and Sue was not, but I think she should have been. What do you think?
Here's her semi-final performance.

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