Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Magic of Nature

Last week I was reading James Dashner's blog where he brought to our attention that Amy Lundebrek had finished her ARC of "The Maze Runner," and she would be willing to send it to the first person who e-mailed her. Wonder of wonders it turned out to be me. I won it and Amy sent it to me postage free. I have it now and will be reading it soon.
To find Amy's e-mail address, I needed to go to her web page. I had not heard of her before this, nor had I heard of her fantastic children's picture book "Under the Night Sky." I was drawn to the cover immediately. How could I help it - the colors are incredible. As a thank you to Amy I am posting a review of her book. I read it to my eight year old and he was mesmerized by the beautiful images. I was mesmerized by the heartwarming imagery that Amy created from her words. The illustrations capture the vivid artistry of her prose perfectly.
I was also amazed how she was able to seamlessly weave weighty subjects like single parenting, and the worry that we feel for our children as they grow older and away from us into her story about the Northern lights. Also that nature holds a special magic that can draw us closer together.
Thanks again for the book Amy. You can find Amy's web page here. A review of "The Maze Runner"will be forthcoming.


Amy Lundebrek said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the review, Mary. I never expected this to come of my simple offer to mail The Maze Runner.

A review of my book and a new blog to read; this is turning out to be an excellent day. I'll post your review.

Thanks again, and enjoy the Maze Runner.

Lily said...

Happy Birthday Mary! I found your blog from your FB and want to let you know I am reading! I'll link to Lily's blog too! I'll have to check out The Maze Runner:-)
Stop by Lily's blog!