Monday, December 21, 2009

A First Kiss Scene Sans Tongue

Welcome to Kissing Blogfest Monday

Sweet emblem of returning peace, the heart's full gush and love's release,
Spirits in human fondness flow and greet the pearly mistletoe.
Oh! Happy tricksome time of mirth, giv'n to the stars of sky and earth!
May all the best of feeling know, the custom of the mistletoe.
Married and single, proud and free, yield to the season, trim with glee:
Time will not stay ... he cheats us so ... A kiss? ... 'tis gone ... the mistletoe.

  As a teenager this was my favorite kissing scene

I imagined my first kiss being like this. I was a tomboy like Watts with a chip on my shoulder when it came to guys.  I was the pal - never the girlfriend.  I identified with this scene so much.  Love the passion of his tightening fist and her legs going around his waste - the music is perfect.
Sadly my first kiss was nothing like this.  Barely knew the guy and he was all tongue - intrusive and hyper. Gross!!!

Current Favorite Kissing scene

It has been my experience that first kisses are overrated in real life.  Awkward and strange.  The second kiss is usually better. I doubt there are any teenage boys reading this, but if there are - study this scene boys - look, no tongue - a soft and tender first kiss. That's what a girl wants to experience for their first kiss with any guy - all men could learn from this kiss actually. The tongue comes later. Do you agree with me ladies, or am I in the minority?

This is my first attempt at writing a kissing scene so I just hope it doesn't crash and burn like my first kiss:

He put his arm around my shoulders and drew me closer to him.  His eyes dark and intense frightened me. The entire day felt as if it was building towards this moment. But now I wasn't sure if I wanted it.  Nervous, I needed a distraction.  I brought the forgotten tomato to my lips and bit into it.  Succulent juices exploded into my mouth tantalizing my senses. A piece of the vine still clung to the fruit.  I breathed in its earthen freshness and sighed.   
When our eyes met again, the hunger I saw there no longer frightened me. He'd  moved closer during my reverie and our noses nearly touched.  I could feel his hand tremble as he swept the soft pad of his thumb across my slightly open lips.  The lingering aroma of the tomato vine and his aftershave fuzzed my thoughts, but a tiny spark of doubt still remained.
   "Wait," I said, pressing my hand to his chest.  "I've never done this before."
He buried his face in my hair and when he whispered, "Me either," his hot breath on my ear sent shivers through me. 
His fingers entwined in my hair as he touched his lips to mine. The uneaten fruit dropped from my hand in my growing need to have him closer.

Something tells me this kiss might lead to tongue after all.


Juju at Tales of said...

1. OH I love that movie (Some Kind of Wonderful) and really couldn't agree more. I was always "the friend" too! You are so right about the tightening of the fist. LOVE it! Don't you miss those tender subtleties in films?
2. Oh my that is a fantastic kiss. I'm with you on the second being much sweeter and sexier. Nice choice. I'm going to have to watch this movie.
3. I really like your kissing scene. Very very sweet yet hot! *high five*
4. All this kissing talk has me off to find my husband.

Mary said...

Thanks Juju - yes go find the hubbie!!!