Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Monologue #1: Amusement Parks

Here is one of the monologues I like to do for writing practice. I wrote this one at the end of the summer. Enjoy.

Amusement parks always seem more like amusement parks when the sun is going down. Right at that point when the sun is almost gone, but not quite and all the lights have been turned on. It's only then, I find, that all the sounds of the park become more defined; the applause and groans of people winning and loosing games, the shouts and screams of passengers as a roller coaster drops down that first big hill, and the soft grinding of roller coaster cars running down twisting tracks.
Despite the enticing beckoning of neon signs and bright depictions of other rides, I find myself waiting in line for a somewhat milder ride to give the adrenaline currently pulsing through my veins time to dull. I stand, hands in my pockets, waiting in line between two strangers and vaguely listening to the Demi Lovato song playing over some nearby speakers and savoring the sweet and sugary aftertaste of cotton candy.
The term "amusement park" plays with my mind. It seems so appropriate, at least to me, advertising the only reason these brightly colored, neon laden attractions exist; so people can come, ride roller coasters, play games, and forget every worldly care for one day. The whole place is designed to be hypnotic and mind numbing. The outside world disappears in the smell of hot dogs and the warm evening air of summer.
The line lurches forward unexpectedly and I rush to take my seat in my solitary car. I lean back and put my feet up on the metal lip on the front of the car. Slowly, the metal beast rumbles to life and everything starts to spin. Through the dull noise, I catch a few lines of the Demi Lovato song still playing over the speakers.

"But you're so hypnotizing,

You've got me laughing while I sing,

You've got me smiling in my sleep."*
Shouts from a nearby roller coaster blur the music. I smile. I rest my arm against the back of the car. As the ride makes another revolution in its never ending circle, all my care spins out of my thoughts and spirals into space.

*lyrics from "Catch Me" by Demi Lovato

Let me know what you think and try righting your own monologue and leave it in the comments. All you have to do is describe what's going on around you and your thoughts. It can be about anything and any length. (and yes, I do except a minimum of two words.)

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Mary Campbell said...

I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time, but you brought the memories forward. I feel the same way about it needing to be dark for it to feel like an amusement park. We always go our second wind when the lights went down.