Sunday, August 22, 2010

Guess That Character 2.0

I was inspired by the post Mary did a couple days ago about reading the blurb about a character with no physical description and then guessing what they looked like so I decided to try it with one of my own characters. I chose to do Philippe because I haven't talked about him too much and it'll be harder to guess what he looks like. (whereas with Del I've given a full description on an earlier post) Give it you best shot. (by the way, this little segment isn't part of my book.)

Philippe turned a page of his book, yawning into his hand. He glanced at the dying fire, which was simmering in slowly fading embers. He closed the volume in his lap and set in on the side table. He stretched his legs, curling and uncurling his stiff toes. The calm was broken by a nasally snore. He turned. Del was asleep in her hammock. He smiled, stood, and picked up his candlestick. Journeying passed Del to the stairs, he slowly made his way up to the second floor. He gently pushed open the first door he came to. Sophia was curled up under the covers, her breath blowing a tress of hair back and forth. He smiled and shut the door again.
Downstairs, he opened the front door and stood watching the new snow drift down from the black sky. He shivered once and shut the door. Blowing out the candle with a soft breath, he reached for the cold doorknob of his private quarters. He turned to the quiet inn.
"Good night girls," he whispered. "Sweet dreams."
He closed the door and slumber settled in.

So? What does Philippe look like? Guess as much as you can or want to. Extra credit for guessing his age. Good luck everyone!

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