Friday, October 2, 2009

And The Winner Is

Diana Paz of 

Congratulations Diana!

A big thank you to all of you who participated.  Also like to thank my original followers for all the fun comments and support they give this blog.

And welcome to my new followers - hope you'll like it here.


Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

I love the new look doll! :)

Mary said...

Thanks Juju - sorry you didn't win. Appreciate ya.

Diana Paz said...

Oh wow, yay!! I'm so excited and my one year old thinks hysterical! Thank you for the contest Mary, I can't wait to read The Maze Runner and do a Book Talk!

Nice layout btw :)

Sorry Juju, you'll get the next one I bet. :)


Diana Paz said...

Hi again, here's my email:


Thanks again, I've heard really good things about this book and can't wait to read it!

Diana Paz said...

Never mind... I did get the email. I just emailed ya back :)