Sunday, April 5, 2009


I wrote this for a writing class that I took a few months ago. Also shared it with the writing group.

Accusing, tear-filled eyes greeted me as I opened the door. My guilt burned like the scorching heat of the sun and my face grew hot with shame. This was a familiar scene that had been played out between us many times before. I love him. I loved him from the first moment that I saw him. His dark brown hair so soft to the touch and his pale blue eyes, penetrating and persistent, left me powerless to resist him.
He needed me, and that need filled me with importance. I loved him so much that I couldn’t help but dote on him. He wanted me constantly at his side. Ordinarily he was devoted and sweet, but at times he could become distraught and I grew weary of the squall of emotions that could come without warning. Soon the storm would pass and I would be drawn to him again, dazzled by his smile. We did everything together. He couldn’t bear to be away from me. Usually, I didn’t mind; I was so happy that he loved me and needed me. Sometimes though, I felt smothered. Sometimes, I was desperate to get away.
Patiently, I would pick my moment, and covertly slip away when I thought he would be too busy to notice. This time I was unsuccessful and he followed me. With the stealthy moves of a jungle… elephant, I escaped his grasp. His cries of anguish haunted me, but I had come too far to give up now. The pounding of the water drowned out the sound of his voice and for a little while I was free.
With my spirits renewed I was ready to be with him again. I opened the door and there he was, waiting. Consolingly, I kissed him on his flushed cheek. He laid his head on my shoulder and gazed adoringly up at me with his amazing blue eyes and smiled. Melting in the radiance of his love I returned his smile and kissed him again. All was forgiven.
Yes, I had betrayed him before and I know that I will do it again, but even the most devoted mothers - need to take a shower.


Tawnni Jensen said...

I never get tired of hearing that. It gets better everytime. Truly a fantastic job.

Mary Campbell said...

Wow!Thanks Tawnni.