Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Jester King's Court

It's amazing what certain music can inspire one to do. This little piece is called the Jester King's Court. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

The time is now, come gather aroung
The fire's high, the sun's gone down
Friend and poet, come make anew
Gypsy, drummer, and lute player too
The blood red flames are dancing high
Kissing excitedly at the star draped sky
And close by, within the fire's hypnotic light
A bold and roaming passion is sweaping the night
Gypsies dance and singers sing
All performing for the jester king
And joining in, the drummers pound
Onlookers tap their feet upon the ground
The rhythm grows and oh so fast
As if bleeding into the future and the past
Guitars and lutes begin to strum
From somewhere off, the mountains quietly hum
The skies whisper encouraging chants
And swifter the gypsies begin to dance
Distant bells are softly swelling
We storytellers are storytelling
The night goes on, but we never slow
The pulsing music seems to flow
The time is now, come gather around
The fire's high, the sun's gone down
This is no place of challenge or sport
Only music and merriment in the jester king's court


Mary Campbell said...
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Mary Campbell said...

I am not very good at judging poetry, but I liked this a lot. Your descriptions were vivid and I could totally picture all of them dancing under the stars.

Andrea Sheets said...

I experimented a bit, and all you need to do is past and copy the address of the video you want. I'll throw on an example and you can delete it off if you want to.