Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fighting Chance(?)

I was thinking the other day and started to wonder if my novel (Castaway Inn) would attract readers. I want you guys to tell me what you think and if I have a fighting chance or not. Here's the plot:

Sophia only knew the life of a servant. She had no family, no home (aside from the small, cramped, drafty room in her master's house that she lived in) and no friends (aside from Evelyn, who leaves at night, leaving Sophia by herself). On top of all that, there's one person who wants nothing more than to make sure her life is horrible: Sophia's black hearted mistress-the countess. In a desperate attempt at freedom, she runs into the woods one stormy night, leaving only a note at Evelyn's door. While on her flee in the middle of the night, she meets Philippe, a French businessman turned innkeeper with a heart that's been bruised, and Del, a lass with spunk, spirit, and a mysterious limb. Sophia finally felt like she had people she could call her friends, maybe even her family, but the bonds of their friendship is tested when Sophia's pursuit of freedom turns into a deadly game of hide and seek.


Mary Campbell said...

There's always a fighting chance Tawnni. I think Phillipe sounds interesting and a mysterious limb sounds strange. Overall it sounds interesting, but I think we need to work on a killer one line hook and synopsis.

Tawnni Jensen said...

Thanks Mary, you're awesome. I'm open to any suggestions you might have.