Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The First Step

They say that a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Writing the manuscript for my novel has really seemed like that journey. Surprising, my "single step" that started this journey of ink wasn't the first words of the book, it was a paragraph that came in chapter six. This paragraph right here:

The first thing Sophia noticed about Del was not her flaming red hair that flowed to her chin from under the rim of a weathered blue bandana. It was not her dusty brown eyes that gave her the look of someone deep in thought. It was not her ensemble of a baggy brown shirt and knee length cotton pants that looked like it belonged on a sailor on a merchant ship and not on an innkeeper’s errand girl. It was not that she was bare foot. Oh no, the first thing Sophia noticed about Del was that she walked with a limp.

This paragraph has remained in the rough draft the entire time I've been writing and I still love it.

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Mary Campbell said...

I like how you worded this Tawnni and I like that paragraph a lot.

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