Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just for laughs.

I know I haven't posted anything lately, mainly because I've been focusing on getting the rest of my novel into the computer, but now I've decided it's time I posted something. Disclaimer: this little piece is not meant to be serious. I was with two of my friends (Kylie and Gracie) and we started joking around and one thing led to another and the idea of "The Adventures of the Hobbit, the Hobo, and the Hermit" was born. I've got to get some normal friends. But that would be no fun. I'm not done with it yet, but here's a little taste of the story in all of its laugh out loud humor.

One day while the hobbit was looking for her pet squirrel Juju (who liked to run off and play with all the other pet squirrels who ran away from their owners) she came across the hermit dangling upside down from a tree, one foot caught in a snare.
"I might be wrong," said the hobbit. "But aren't you supposed to be the other way around?"
"No duh Sherlock," snapped the hermit, curling like a worm on a fishing hook to reach her entangled foot, but without success. "You think I didn't know that from all the blood rushing to my head?"
"Is that a troll trap?"
"A goblin trap?"
"A gremlin trap?"
"It must be an ogre trap."
"Then who's is it?"
The hermit looked embarrassed. "Mine."
The hobbit cocked a eyebrow. "You got caught in your own trap?" The hermit swung back and forth, groaning loudly when she slammed into the tree from which she dangled. "Do you want some help?"
"No, I can get down myself. I just need to reach my kni-- hey, get away from that you dumb squirrel! No, wait, don't chew through that, no--ahh!"
The rope snapped and the hermit came crashing down. A squirrel darted down the tree truck and sat in front of the hobbit.
"Juju!" she squealed.

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